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Congratulations to Bela for making a successful first solo! Well done!

Congratulations Ronald on your first solo!

Congrats to Steve on his first solo, complete with the shenanigans from ATC.

Eddie, posting this photo took me a couple years but finally here it is!

Bill Lynch passed his private pilot checkride on December 28th with only 46 hours.

Paul L. solo!

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Congratulations to Paul on his first solo on November 12, 2007.

Casey Dexter’s first solo was on August 30th.

Gary flew on his first solo on August 28th! Gary passed his private pilot’s checkride on
December 8th, congratulations Gary.

James C’s solo was the second of the day, what a busy day for me on July 16th.

Ajay Kaundal was the first solo of the day in a Piper Warrior, July 16th. Ajay passed his private pilot’s checkride August 15th, and also received his instrument rating on December 14th.