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With only 47 hours of training and about 18 of them finishing up with me he passed his ride with flying colors according to the examiner.  Well done Ronald, thanks for studying hard and being prepared.  It really makes a huge difference.  Best of luck with your application to the national Guard too!  Hopefully there will be a C-17 or F-22 in your future.

Congratulations Ronald on your first solo!

Eddie, posting this photo took me a couple years but finally here it is!

Bill Lynch passed his private pilot checkride on December 28th with only 46 hours.

Nic Taylor passed his private pilot’s checkride on October 2 2007, nice work.

Kevin G. flew solo for the first time on August 13. Kevin passed his private pilot’s checkride
on December 15th.

David M. Completed his Private Pilot’s license on July 28.

Ajay Kaundal was the first solo of the day in a Piper Warrior, July 16th. Ajay passed his private pilot’s checkride August 15th, and also received his instrument rating on December 14th.

This is a picture of a first for me. In the plane on the left side (yes, the small white dot…) is
Gary on his First solo, The airplane on the right is David on his private pilot checkride. A solo
and a checkride at the same time! They both went well!

Tony “Ghost rider” Hann braved the skies for the first time April 17, 2007. There weren’t any
fly bys but there were three good landings.
Tony completed his private pilot checkride on May 31st. Now for the real adventures!