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Aces High Final_2Cropped_lowresWe’d like to thank everybody who was able to make it out for our open house at Aces High Aviation.  For those who missed it our open house was a huge success with approximately 150 visitors throughout the day.  It was great for us to see everybody there and look forward to more of these events.  We learned a lot about making these a success, and were already talking about doing another one!  You can find photos from the event on our Facebook page.

G1000 Introductory Course taught by Dan Jenkins, FAA safety team advisor on TAA aircraft, hosted by Aces High Aviation.

We will be hosting a G1000 introductory course on October 9th at 9am.  This course is designed to be a primer which will cover basic operations of the G1000.  This class would be great for anybody who is interested in learning about the capabilities of the G1000, and become comfortable with its features for VFR use.  Later, we intend to also host an advanced course which will cover IFR operations and advanced navigation.  This course will cover;


  • Basic functionality and use of the Primary Flight Display and Multi Function Displays
  • Components of the system
  • Standby and backup systems and potential failures
  • Integration with the KAP 140 autopilot

This class is expected to last approximately 3 1/2 hours but this could vary based on class participation and discussion.  The fee for this class is $35.  Pre registration and payment is required, please contact us to confirm your attendance.  We already have a lot of interest in this class and size is limited so if you would like to attend don’t delay!


An Antanov AN-124 delived a satelite for the Sea Launch facility.    Fernando and I happened to be flying traffic patterns just as it was opening its nose.  Later, Eric and I departed 30 and were able to see the payload (a satelite) was it was getting rolled out.

An X boat?

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I spoted this while out flying May 30th while practicing some maneuvers in the practice area.  Thanks to Eddie for looking it up and finding out that it is an X-Craft / Littoral Surface Craft-Experimental (LSC(X))
Fast Sea Frame / Sea Fighter (FSF 1).  More information on this ship can be found here.


I am not entirely sure what ship this is but it was cruising offshore off Camp Pedleton today. I spotted it on an IFR cross country with Charlie at the controls.


Some high winds and humidity were the magic ingredients for these clouds to develop due to some orographic lifting in the Big Bear and Banning Pass areas. We were able to climb to 10,500’ and enjoy the sunset on this nice cloud layer and we flew into the LA basin.It has been a while since I have seen the Banning Pass obscured by clouds!


This is the rain and clouds that chased us out of the west end of the canyon.  I took this a few minutes after departing KGCN in 30kt headwinds.  What a show!


This is looking at the eastern end of the Grand Canyon.


I took a trip to Page Arizona to cover some long cross country requirements and also see Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon.  We were faced with some challenging weather, wind and turbulence but it was quite a fun trip over all.


The Antanov 124 visited Long Beach on March 27th to deliver a satelite for the Sea Launch.  Note the size of the Airbus A320′s and the C-17 also in the picture.  Runway 25R was closed for about 20 minutes or more while it was swept clean of all the debris.