Seminole 2112F at the Long Beach Flying Club just returned from the avionics shop last month with a new Aspen PFD1000 Primary Flight Display. It also came home with a new WAAS enabled Garmin 430W and a coupled autopilot. The PFD1000 replaces the standard attitude and heading indicator and packs it all into this compact unit. In addition it displays airspeed along the left side, with altitude and vertical speed along the right. It can also display nearest airports and the route is transposed underneath the heading display. The genius behind the PFD1000 is the intelligent use of soft keys and a limited number of slaved keys. In a very short time a pilot can become comfortable with this unit.

Since it only replaces the attitude and heading indicator; the original airspeed, turn coordinator, altimeter and vertical speed indicators can remain in the panel. The display is rich and well presented with great animation when toggling through the map display. Additionally one or two additional sister units, the MFD1000, can be installed that would serve as multi function displays. In 12F the original attitude indicator was moved to the left where nav 2 indicator was originally located. For such a small unit this thing packs quite an effective punch.

2112F is available for multi engine training at a rate of $234/hour. The cockpit reference guide for the PFD1000 can be found here on Aspen’s430W can be found on Garmin’s site. website. The reference guide for the