Multi Engine Commercial Training

Accelerated flight training can be an incredible asset to  successful flight training.  Fully immersing a student into the flight training and aviation environment fosters a great opportunity to learn quickly and develop flying skills.  The less time spent between lessons leaves less time to forget, which then leaves less time spent reviewing skills during each lesson.

For example a full time private pilot student can complete their training in 30 days and between 45-55 flight hours. Keep in mind that the national average for the completion of a private pilot’s license is approximately 75 hours. Private pilot candidates who train full time can expect to solo during the first 10-12 days and have all of their training and private pilot’s certificate requirements met between 21-25 days.  This will leave about 5-7 days of flexibility to complete the checkride should any unforeseen delays with weather or otherwise are encountered.

You will find websites and flight schools that offer private pilot’s courses in 15 days and 35 hours.  In 10 years I’ve never seen one of these programs completed successfully.  When choosing a fast paced program students need to be careful to find an instructor who has the experience and resources to facilitate the successful completion of the course.

Accelerated courses can be arranged for private, instrument, multi engine, commercial and recurrent training.  You’ll generally find websites and companies that offer prepay packages and fixed time frames and schedules. When I find standard situations and training needs I’ll start offering standard one size fits all packages, as far as I’ve found though, standard students  and situations don’t exist.  Every student has unique requirements and completion needs.  Weather can also play a key roll in scheduling an accelerated course. I prefer to talk with each student directly and work out a plan that will work successfully and specifically for that individual. Please contact me and we can discuss the specifics of your goals for your flight training.  We can develop a plan that can accommodate your schedule and complete your training on time and on budget.

I can come to you for your flight training and either bring a plane with me, or we can use yours.  If weather is an issue we can fly to somewhere that it isn’t.  Flight training can be accomplished during that trip to Oshkosh you’ve always been wanting to take or on that Alaska trip that has been on your mind.

Accelerated Services Offered:

  • 30 Day private courses
  • 12-14 Day Instrument rating
  • Custom tailored finish up programs for any certificate or rating
  • 5-7 Day commercial certificate; single or multi
  • 3-4 Day Multi Engine Add on;
  • Insurance and aircraft checkouts
  • Ferry flights
  • Multi day cross country trips
  • Cross country adventures, either IFR or VFR
  • 1/2 Day spin endorsement course for CFI applicants
  • Daily rates starting at $350, please inquire directly for a specific quote
  • International flight operations and planning (we can proved the aircraft too)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your specific needs and formulate a plan to complete your training.