The Long Beach Skyline

For students visiting Long Beach we can provide housing assistance with a nearby hotel that offers free transportation to and from the flight school.  The city of Long Beach is a great city to live in during training. There are many sights to see nearby including the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Queen Mary and nearby Catalina Island. For more information see the Visit Long Beach website. Long Beach is a diverse community with a very effective public transportation system.

Overnight Accommodations
During any cross country flights that require over night stays I will arrange for hotel stays, airport and FBO services and  any ground transportation.  This will allow students to concentrate fully on their flight training instead of worrying about where they will be staying each night.

TSA Requirements
Prospective students who don’t hold US citizenship will have to apply with the TSA prior to starting training.  We can help with the TSA application process which is realistically quite easy.  More information regarding the TSA rules can be found here. It should be noted that students are allowed to do one demonstration flight prior to completing the TSA requirements.