Growing up in Colorado offered me the opportunity to learn to fly in the mountains surrounding Blake Field near Delta Co; soloing during my senior year of high school at age 17, and earning my private pilots certificate at 18. I then moved to Eastern Colorado to pursue my instrument rating. After nine months of battling front-range thunderstorms, I decided to move to Southern California where I completed my instrument rating in Long Beach at 19. This was quickly followed with a commercial certificate in Hawthorne and a Certificated Flight Instructor rating at 20 in Santa Monica. Lastly, I completed my Multi Engine Commercial Certificate at Long Beach when I was 21.

I have been working as a full time flight instructor for over six years teaching many people to become successful pilots. I enjoy working as a freelance flight instructor because of the vast amount of freedom it allows. I feel that by instructing independently I am more able to satisfy the unique needs of my many students.

In the spring of 2010 a fellow flight instructor and myself realized that our students were demanding a product that wasn’t available to them.   We were able to find a couple of privately owned aircraft on the field and secure them for our flight training.  Before we knew it other pilots wanted to rent these planes and other flight instructors wanted to teach in them.  There seemed to be a strong demand for what we were doing!  Things started to materialize and we rented a small corner office at the Long Beach Airport and Aces High Aviation was formed .  After only 9 months our business has a  fleet of 7 aircraft.   This certainly seems to be the next logical step in my career as a flight instructor.  We are able to provide quality, modern aircraft at reasonable rates that allow my students to grow their aviation endeavors and skills beyond what was available to them.  Even though I am part owner of Aces High I still work as a freelance flight instructor, not only teaching in our aircraft but privately owned planes as well.  I am also available as a contract corporate pilot if needed.

There isn’t anything else that I would rather be doing with my flying career. I truly enjoy teaching and passing on the great experiences that aviation has to offer. I am not sure who is more excited when a new student solos; the student or myself! After seven years in Long Beach, 4000+ hours of flying and over 50 students passing their check rides, my passion for teaching is still growing every day.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

Blue Skies,

Cody Pierce