When purchasing a new aircraft owners are often faced with the challenge of bringing a plane home that they might not be insured to fly it solo. For a reasonable daily rate I can go with you, assist you with a pre buy inspection and complete a logbook review before completing the sales transaction. Then on the flight home the new owner will be able to satisfy their insurance requirements as well as become comfortable with their new aircraft. Having the ability to fly their new plane with an instructor allows them to become proficient and comfortable in their plane without any new plane anxiety.

A prime example of this is one of my students who purchased a nearly new Piper Archer in Florida just after recieving his private pilots certificate. On the way home the new owner was able to become proficient in the aircraft, learn the new GPS and auto pilot suite as well as log a lot of incredible training. Within 2 hours of picking up the aircraft we were navigating a squall line and then making our first landing in IMC conditions in Tallahassee. We also completed multiple Commercial cross country requirements as well as some IFR training in addition to the very long cross country!

Repositioning and delivery flights can also include flight reviews and Instrument proficiency checks. We can also accomplish complex, high altitude and high performance training and endorsements.

Of course, I can also ferry an aircraft on my own if necessary. I can be counted on to bring the plane home safely and on schedule.

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