For the first time ever Edwards AFB hosted a fly in event for general aviation aircraft.  In order to visit the event an application had to be submitted and then pilots and aircraft were chosen in a lottery.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected but when I got the announcement of who was invited I recognized a friend’s N number on the list!  A few emails later I was the lucky recipient of an invitation!  4 of us were able to load into 733EJ, and we launched at the wee early hours of the morning.  We were airborne at 6:08 am, and this also marked the first time I departed before the LGB tower opened.  Oye, I’m glad I got the lazy seat in the back for the ride up. I was able to sit back, enjoy the sunrise and let the others do the work!  The arrival was a well orchestrated agenda with arrival schedules, holding points and such and we were vectored in at just about right on time to the 17,000′ runway 23.  The landing on the dry lake was uneventful due to some accurate and skilled flying and we taxied into parking as the 12th GA aircraft to ever make a landing at Rosamond Dry Lake.  The day progressed with warbird arrivals, a few fly overs, including skydivers from a C-17, and a flyover from a F-22 Raptor.  There was a presentation covering the unique issues with the restricted areas surrounding Edwards, along with many suggestions to help pilots to improve their see and avoid skills as well as general traffic awareness.  Hopefully they will be able to host more of these events in the future as it was quite a fun event for everybody involved.