I spotted Felts Field on our flight to Grants Pass and couldn’t resist a stop over.  The approach is directly over a tall stand of trees that runs along the rivers edge.  At 2300′ long it wasn’t much of a problem for landing.  The roll out was short but very smooth considering it was sod.  However, the takeoff was a good deal more exciting.  The end of the runway has more trees on it that line the river.  After liftoff we accelerated in ground effect then turned left to follow the river.  It parallels the runway to the south but then curves north.  Following the river was required to clear the stand of trees at the end.  At the West side of the river is a hill that we wouldn’t have been able to climb over.  Once headed north along the river we were able to retract flaps and start our slow, hot and heavy climb out. This airport is unlike anything we have in southern California.  Camping is allowed at the west end of the runway near the river.  I’ve decided that a Oregon fly in camping trip is in my future.  For the record we saw a Piper J-3, a Cessna 195 and a willies jeep in the hangar.

Felts Field

Felt Field

Felt Field

6111Q looking down the runway

Matt with a (for sale) 195

Radials and Chrome Spinners!

Nothing says 'General Aviation' quite like a J-3.