“I couldn’t have been more impressed with your performance,” is what the FAA Inspector said after the debrief referring to Matt’s CFI check ride.  I couldn’t have been any happier for him as it sounded like he really did just hit it out of the park.  The ground portion of the check ride took 2 days totaling around 10 hours, and the flight portion began with a 2 hour ground lesson, and 2.2 hours flying spanning 3 days total.  In then end though Matt completed his CFI on his first attempt with the FAA, which is rumored to only happen about 20% of the time.

Matt has been great fun to work with on his CFI and I couldn’t be happier to have him on board as a CFI with us Aces High Aviation.

Congrats Matt, you really gave this all you could and it paid off huge dividends!

I’d also personally like to thank California Flight Center for allowing us to use 738PR, one of the hardest working 182RG’s in the industry!

Congratulations Matt, the CFI is as tough as it gets!