Aces High Aviation will be hosting a G1000 introductory course starting May 1st at 5pm. This course will consist of (5) different classes for better flexibility and to provide more time to focus on specific areas. The classes will be taught by Daniel Jenkins, Gold Seal CFI and FAA Safety Rep on TAA Aircraft.
These classes are designed as a primer which will cover basic operations of the system and assist in giving new and transitioning aviators the confidence needed to fly safely without added distraction. These classes would be great for anybody who is interested in learning about the capabilities of the G1000 and would like to become more comfortable with it’s features.
1) The PFD and Internal Components                                             May 1st @ 1700
2) The MFD for the VFR pilot                                                         TBA
3) VFR Flight planning for the MFD                                                TBA
4) Emergency Procedures and Integrating the KAP 140 Autopilot     TBA
5) IFR operations with the G1000                                                   TBA
Each class will last for approx 2 1/2 hours and will cost $30 per person.
Please email Dan directly at to RSVP for this event.