Tim and I took the Cirrus to Catalina this morning to finish his checkout.  The weather was great, skies were clear and it was a warm and sunny 70 degrees.  We found a nice surprise in that the menu has been changed completely to feature some great new items.  I had the ‘Cessna’, a grilled chicken sandwich with red bell peppers, pesto and spinach.  It was really wonderful and a nice improvement.  I realized half way through my sandwich that I should have taken a picture of it to include in this posting, but it was a bit too late.  I’m looking forward to exploring some of the other new items as well.  Tim had the standard buffalo burger but he was very happy with his first buffalo experience.  After lunch we had some time so we were able to stroll around and enjoy the day a bit.

Also don’t forget that Catalina has their monthly fly in and Aero Club now.  If you take 7435X which is available for rent at Aces High you’ll get to land free on the second Saturday of each month.