Matt and I seem to be on a roll.  We are working on his IFR rating as well as doing some cross country time building.  In the last few weeks we’ve managed to get lunch at Camarillo and Santa Monica, and today it was the Rock and Roll Dinner in Oceano.  We were doing his IFR long cross country flight.  We had already done an approach and landing into both Santa Ynez and Santa Maria and then we flew VFR over to Oceano for lunch.  The Oceano Airport is a small field located right in town just a stones throw from the beach and sand dunes.  Within two blocks are a couple of good restaurants; the Rock and Roll Diner and Old Juan’s Cantina.   It was captains choice today so Matt got to choose.  They make just about everything at the Diner and it is hard to go wrong. The Oceano Airport has wonderful community that supports it and visiting pilots are in for a treat.  There is camping on right next to the runway as well as hotels just down the street.  Nearby on the beach ATV’s can be rented and you can go for a spin on the sand dunes right on the beach.  Oceano is a great day trip or weekend destination and camping right next to your plane is quite a lot of fun.  On any given day you can find anything from bi planes and gyrocopters, to the former Sky King plane.

Hot coffee and Greek food in a train car!

The shoreline just past Santa Barbara

The Northern Channel Islands, Anacapa, Santa Cruz, San Miguel and Santa Rosa

Sky King!