Matt and I were working towards his instrument training.  We had completed IFR approaches at Oxnard, Whitman, and Burbank.  After Matt landed in Burbank he pulled out a bag of almonds because he was so hungry.  Opportunity strikes I thought!  A quick check of the shedule revealed we had  an hour to spare.  ”Want to get lunch at thy Typhoon in Santa Monica?”  I asked.

“I don’t see why not,”  He replied.  I really enjoy flying with Matt!  He is always game.  We canceled our IFR clearance and shot out of BUR like hungry pilots should.  A quick pass over the Hollywood sign, a turn westbound down the miracle mile and we were parking at the Typhoon. We had a great lunch, then departed with a turn around the Santa Monica Pier, over LAX then home for a practice instrument approach into Long Beach.   It was hard to beat.

A view of 65537 from our table at the Typhoon