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The weather was perfect for Ally’s first solo in 1484B.  Well done!

Ally and 1484B

Of any flight training that I do, the CFI is by far the most challenging and rewarding for me.  In addition I feel it is the hardest certificate to complete for a pilot.   Being able to train Carlos through the majority of his ratings has been a lot of fun for me and quite a privileged.  Not only did he pass on the first try, he did it with an FAA inspector.  More so, I’m looking forward to seeing him share his passion for flying with students!  If you’d like a fresh opinion from a sharp pilot, Carlos will take great care of you!

Congratulations Carlos!

After seven hours, Carlos was finished!

Matt made quick work of his instrument rating and logged a ton of actual during his instrument training doing it.  We flew in heavy rain, low ceilings and 58kt winds.  When it was all done he had logged around 8 hours of actual and flew with me in some really challenging conditions. He did about half of his training with conventional instrumentation and the other half in the G1000.  Splitting it up worked great and now he is very comfortable with both styles of flying.  Well done Matt!

Matt with 1484B