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Aces High Final_2Cropped_lowresWe’d like to thank everybody who was able to make it out for our open house at Aces High Aviation.  For those who missed it our open house was a huge success with approximately 150 visitors throughout the day.  It was great for us to see everybody there and look forward to more of these events.  We learned a lot about making these a success, and were already talking about doing another one!  You can find photos from the event on our Facebook page.

G1000 Introductory Course taught by Dan Jenkins, FAA safety team advisor on TAA aircraft, hosted by Aces High Aviation.

We will be hosting a G1000 introductory course on October 9th at 9am.  This course is designed to be a primer which will cover basic operations of the G1000.  This class would be great for anybody who is interested in learning about the capabilities of the G1000, and become comfortable with its features for VFR use.  Later, we intend to also host an advanced course which will cover IFR operations and advanced navigation.  This course will cover;


  • Basic functionality and use of the Primary Flight Display and Multi Function Displays
  • Components of the system
  • Standby and backup systems and potential failures
  • Integration with the KAP 140 autopilot

This class is expected to last approximately 3 1/2 hours but this could vary based on class participation and discussion.  The fee for this class is $35.  Pre registration and payment is required, please contact us to confirm your attendance.  We already have a lot of interest in this class and size is limited so if you would like to attend don’t delay!

Nathan came to me with a bit of a problem.  He had 1 week to finish and his private pilot’s certificate and his instructor was suddenly unavailable.  He had most all of his requirements finished short of about 6 hours worth of training and a checkride prep.  And of course the written needed to be done!  We had a bit of work ahead of ourselves to get finished but good thing he put his nose to the grindstone and made it happen.   After one weather delay he finished today with great success.  Well done Nathan and great work sticking with it!

Nathan just after his check ride!

Ronald has been accepted into a pilot position for the Air Guard.  He started training last week!  I know Ronald worked very hard to get where he is and he will prove to be a huge asset to military aviation.  It was a pleasure to train you, and an honor recommending you sir!

Next stop for Ronald might be a C-17!

My friends Dave, Liz and I  had a great conversation over dinner in San Diego regarding all of the opportunities and experiences that general aviation presents to pilots and their guests.  Not only on the logistical side of things, but the total experience of what we get to do on a regular basis.  This has inspired me to start a new part of my site. Basically, I’m hoping to showcase some of the wonderful things that my clients are able to experience on a regular basis.

Starting in 2011 I plan to start organizing group fly ins for pilots and their guests.  Please stay tuned for the details of these events.  If you’d like to be notified of the plans please add yourself to the email list on the home page and we’ll keep you updated!

  • · Beginning September 30, 2010 , the words Line Up and Wait will replace the words “Position and Hold” to instruct a pilot to enter the runway to await take-off clearance. Under the new “Line Up and Wait phraseology, the controller will:

-      State your call-sign;

-      State the departure runway;

-      State “Line Up and Wait”.

  • · Exercise Caution. Be aware the phrase “Traffic Holding in Position” will continue to be used to advise other aircraft that traffic has been authorized to “Line Up and Wait” on an active runway.
  • · REMEMBER:  Never cross a hold line without explicit ATC instructions.  You may not enter a runway unless you have been:

-      Instructed to cross or taxi onto that specific runway

-      Cleared to take off from that runway, or

-      Instructed to “Line Up and Wait” on that specific runway.

Please visit: for more details on the change as well as to view an instructional animation explaining the new phraseology.

If in doubt ASK!

For additional information, go to

Jeff H. went solo for the first time in a gentleman’s aircraft, and by that I mean an airplane!  Jeff holds a commercial helicopter certificate and is now converting to fixed wing.  Well done Jeff.  The transition was quick and easy once we got past the hovering issue.