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Bela took advantage of the daily rate instructional program to complete a 6.8 hour cross country over the entire day and night.  We flew from Long Beach to Santa Ynez (IZA) for our first stop.  Our second stop was Oceano County (L52) where we had lunch.  It was then off for Monterey for a top of at the Jet center before our night flight back.   Throughout the day we were able to introduce and practice multiple navigation techniques and styles varying from basic dead reckoning all the way through advanced computer based flight planning.   Each leg was tailored to maximize the use of certain techniques to provide for a well rounded learning experience.

It is a beautiful day for a long cross country to Monterey!

Here we are at Santa Ynez for a quick break and to complete another leg of flight planning.

With only 47 hours of training and about 18 of them finishing up with me he passed his ride with flying colors according to the examiner.  Well done Ronald, thanks for studying hard and being prepared.  It really makes a huge difference.  Best of luck with your application to the national Guard too!  Hopefully there will be a C-17 or F-22 in your future.

We were able to do a couple approaches at Torrance and Long Beach, with both terminating nearly at minimums. Sam is very close to taking his instrument checkride and these types of flights are excellent confidence builders.

Oceano Airport near San Luis Obispo and home of Old Juans Restaurant

Oceano Airport

Camarillo Airport is home of Tri Tip Wednesdays



KAVX – Catalina

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Beautiful but challenging!

Catalina Airport

LAX from over El Segundo

Long Beach is my home airport and it couldn’t be better!  On any given day you can see anything ranging from experimental heavy aircraft to zeppelins.  There is always something new to see every day.

Long Beach Airport

KTOA – Torrance

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Torrance on SkyVectorZamperini Field