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I am not entirely sure what ship this is but it was cruising offshore off Camp Pedleton today. I spotted it on an IFR cross country with Charlie at the controls.


Some high winds and humidity were the magic ingredients for these clouds to develop due to some orographic lifting in the Big Bear and Banning Pass areas. We were able to climb to 10,500’ and enjoy the sunset on this nice cloud layer and we flew into the LA basin.It has been a while since I have seen the Banning Pass obscured by clouds!


This is the rain and clouds that chased us out of the west end of the canyon.  I took this a few minutes after departing KGCN in 30kt headwinds.  What a show!


This is looking at the eastern end of the Grand Canyon.


I took a trip to Page Arizona to cover some long cross country requirements and also see Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon.  We were faced with some challenging weather, wind and turbulence but it was quite a fun trip over all.


The Antanov 124 visited Long Beach on March 27th to deliver a satelite for the Sea Launch.  Note the size of the Airbus A320′s and the C-17 also in the picture.  Runway 25R was closed for about 20 minutes or more while it was swept clean of all the debris.

Queen Mary Lightning
A flight to the Grand Canyon was canceled tonight so that left me with nothing to do but start a blog. Of course, the first time in a long time that I can remember a forecast for thunderstorms in LA is also the same night I was planning an overnight cross country trip with one of my students. Chalk this one up to ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.’ This photo was taken in July 2006. The Queen Mary can be seen in the far left side of the picture.