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Tom started his instrument in his own plane, an experimental aircraft with a very advanced glass display with highways in the sky, then stepped back in time a few decades to the time of *gasp* morse code to complete his Instrument rating.  Good work Tom!

Tom and 65537

Kevin made a successful solo in 1120Z with three great landings.  Nice work Kevin!

Kevin with a bit of excitement in his eyes!

Now Matt Hiller can teach instrument students.  I better step it up with the added competition out there!

Matt with 1484B

Carlos successfully completed his Multi Engine Instructor checkride.  Good work Carlos.

Carlos and the Seminole (outfit not required)

Congratulation to Fernando for completing his Private Checkride!

Fernando and N6111Q

Congratulations to Johnathan for going on his first solo!

Johnathan in 6111Q

“I couldn’t have been more impressed with your performance,” is what the FAA Inspector said after the debrief referring to Matt’s CFI check ride.  I couldn’t have been any happier for him as it sounded like he really did just hit it out of the park.  The ground portion of the check ride took 2 days totaling around 10 hours, and the flight portion began with a 2 hour ground lesson, and 2.2 hours flying spanning 3 days total.  In then end though Matt completed his CFI on his first attempt with the FAA, which is rumored to only happen about 20% of the time.

Matt has been great fun to work with on his CFI and I couldn’t be happier to have him on board as a CFI with us Aces High Aviation.

Congrats Matt, you really gave this all you could and it paid off huge dividends!

I’d also personally like to thank California Flight Center for allowing us to use 738PR, one of the hardest working 182RG’s in the industry!

Congratulations Matt, the CFI is as tough as it gets!

Without even the tiniest shred of nervousness at all Ally took her Private Pilot check ride, and passed.  She even demonstrated a power off landing into Compton.   Congrats Ally, enjoy your new certificate!

Ally and 1484B

Alex completed his first solo June 9th with three very nice landings.  He is moving through his training very quickly with his 2-3 flights per week.  Certainly proof that dedicated studying pays off dividends!  Well done Alex, next up is the best part, solo cross countries!

Alex with Cessna 6111Q

I’m fairly certain good fortune follows Matt around.  He rocked his commercial checkride and before I had even got word of the results of his checkride I had a call coming in looking for a ferry pilot and Matt was the right person for the job.  He booked his first job as a commerial pilot about an hour after his checkride.  Who does that?  Some guys spend months looking for work, congrats Matt and well done!

Matt in Big Bear with the 207 (Long Bus)