• Tom finishes his Instrument
  • Kevin M. goes for his first solo
  • Matt Hiller completes his CFII
  • Carlos Completes his MEI
  • Fernando Completes his Private
  • Johnathon W. goes for a solo!
  • Matt schools his CFI
  • Ally finishes her Private!
  • Alex takes to the skies... Alone!
  • Matt H. finishes his Commercial, books his first gig hours later

Fly Pierce is the home of Cody Pierce and is your source for all of your flight instruction needs in the Long Beach California and the greater Southern California area. This site has been created to help you become a pilot and continue your flight training. With 8 years of flight instructing experience, and 11 years working in aviaiton I can help you with all of your training goals including private pilot, commercial, and flight instructor certificates, instrument and multi engine ratings as well as complex, high performance and high altitude endorsements. I work as a freelance instructor in the Long Beach and Southern California area teaching in privately owned and rental aircraft.

This site was developed for you, so if there is anything you would like me to add or change please let me know. After having a look around please drop me a line if you have any questions.  For those who have not had the chance to take to the skies the best way to get started out is to try a Discovery Flight, then I’ll help you make plans to complete your private pilots training. Have you already completed your private pilot training and are looking to take it to the next level? Would you like to enhance your skills, expand your abilities when the weather is less than VFR and increase your flying abilities? Start your instrument rating training, and become a safer, more competent pilot. If you are looking to move your flying to a professional level, looking for more experience, or lower insurance rates for your aircraft then consider completing your Commercial certificate in either a single or multi engine aircraft. In addition to this I also offer flight reviews and re current training.   I can help. Whether you are the person who isn’t quite sure what a wing is, or you are a seasoned airline pilot looking for some airport specific training at Catalina, I am here to help you get it done!